Hello, everyone! 

It’s Sandi here with you today sharing the last part of my DT “Treasured” junk journal for Tresors de Luxe

Next time I’ll be moving on to a new project! I promise! LOL

Here’s just a quick side view of the 3 signatures all bundled together, minus the journal cover and back. I’m still swooning over that gorgeous Venice lace from Lucy’s shop. 

For those of you who are interested, here is a video of the entire album to view when you have a few minutes. 

But for those of you who prefer photos, here is the last few pages of the journal: 

In this photo, we are looking at the last little bit of signature #3 and using this gorgeous white bridal quality lace from Tresors de Luxe. I finished the embellishment with a Corine flower, a junk finding, washi tape and a printed chipboard from Blue Fern Studios. I found the lace HERE for you. 

This is the back of the third signature and I’ve kept it blank so that it will lie flat. I may write some journaling there at a later date. 

And here is some more of the gorgeous lace that I shared in my last Tresors de Luxe post to embellish the front of signature #3. You can find it HERE. My maiden name was Key, so I always use keys when I can. These printed chipboard pieces are older ones from Prima. 

Here’s just a little flap with a butterfly ephemera piece for tucking in memorabilia. The following page is for journaling. 

And next a sweet flap with a typewrite chipboard and title. 

And wow!

The beaded appliqué on this page is soooo gorgeous in person!

You can see it better in my video.

(Lucy’s photo from the shop)

 You can find it HERE

Another sweet flap with printed chipboard. 

And I thought it was apropos to include my birthday date. 

And lastly (almost) is this 7 inch off white lace trim that really makes a statement! I embellished with chipboard, metal and a flower but really it doesn’t need anything! 

And the final pocket for tucking some memorabilia. 

And the back of the last signature! 

And whew! We are finally finished!

These longer projects are so satisfying but they do take many long hours!

But now I have a home for all Dad’s letters!

Don’t forget to check out my video above.

And please visit Lucy’s shop at Tresors de Luxe.




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